Is Tubi A Good Choice For Free T.V. and Movies?

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Tubi worth it?

Review of Tubi App

Tubi – it’s an entertainment app that lets you stream movies, and TV shows directly from the web to your smart device. Moreover, the service is free. But is the app worth downloading?

If you’ve ever been curious about Tubi, you’ve come to the right place. That’s because I’ve been using the service to watch lots of different shows for the past six months.

My relationship with Tubi happened was random. I was scrolling through shows with my Amazon Firestick when I happened to see a program that required me to download the app.

Specifically, it was Nostradamus 2020. I won’t sit here and tell you that it was an excellent documentary, but I will say that as an introduction to Tubi, I was pleasantly surprised.

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Curious about the app’s history, I did a little research. Tubi was launched in 2014 with a company called AdRise. Since that time, their viewership has grown to over 20 million people.

Recently, the app was sold to the folks at Fox Corporation per a report in Deadline for a cool $440 million. But I digress. Back to the review.

Similar to Netflix and Hulu, Tubi offers a wide selection of television shows and movies. But unlike these two giants, Tubi doesn’t charge you a dime. Yep, that’s right – streaming is completely free.

What follows are my impressions of the app with a quick rundown of the pros and cons. Oh, and before we dive deep, please know that I am not getting paid any money for this review – not by the folks at Tubi, Fox, or from any affiliate program.

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Pros and cons of Tubi


  • Easy to use
  • Completely free of charge
  • Unlimited access to shows
  • Decent selection of movies
  • Good variety of binge-worthy TV shows
  • Clean interface


  • Commercials happen somewhat frequently
  • Streaming with Chromecast can cause crashes
  • Some television shows only come in a few seasons
  • Shows can sometimes free in mid-play
  • The app sometimes freezes for no reason

Is it Worth The Download?

With all of that said, you came here to find out if Tubi was worth downloading. All I can tell you is that since using the app, I’ve really enjoyed the programs.

Just last night, I streamed SCREAM. The inspiration to watch this film came to me after reading this blog post on scary movies.

Other programs I’ve seen include Sea Patrol with John Batchelor, Matthew Holmes, and Lisa McCune. And don’t tell anyone but I also watched Celebrity Ghost Stories.

Additionally, I’ve binged on the hit series, Shameless, starring David Threlfall and Rebecca Atkinson. Yes, I am the only person in America (probably) didn’t watch it until now.

I could go on forever and a day about the tons of other shows they have, including documentaries, cult classics, and T.V. comedies. But if I did that, this review would never end.

One important thing I should point out – some of the programs on Tubi are only available for a limited time. Yep, just like Netflix and Hulu, programs and movies come and go. Should you decide to try out this app, click on the “leaving soon” area to see what may be going away.

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Well, there you have it, folks – my review. I can honestly say that I’ve been pleased with Tubi. Yes, there are annoying commercials to endure, but I am not going to complain given this service is free.

What apps do you use to stream free programming? Share your comments with readers in the box below. They would love to hear about your experiences.

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