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16R Glidepath
Construction of Runway 16R Glide path equipment building.
Cost: $333,000

A380 Apron Works Bay 61, 63
Excavation, Demolition Sheet piling and Slurry Backfilling of Fuel Lines.
Cost: $461,000

A380 Project | View Gallery
This project was undertaken with the introduction of the Airbus A380 to Sydney Airport. When compared to existing passenger aircraft, the A380 is larger in height, length, wingspan, weight & passenger capacity.

To accommodate the A380 aircraft, Sydney Airport Corporation Limited (SACL) and JUHI, an incorporated joint venture between BP, Caltex, Mobil, Qantas & Shell, require the modification of Aviation Hydrant Systems at up to 10 Parking Bays to commence 2006 to 2008
Location: Sydney Airport
Duration: 24 Months
Cost: $4,000,000

Aircraft Waste Dump-Civil Works
Bulk excavation, sheetpile shoring installation & removal, dewatering and asphalt.
Cost: $255,766

Airds - Fonthill & Greengate Precinct Campbelltown Stormwater Drainage, Road Works & Water Reticulation
Upgrade of existing road and domestic housing stormwater drainage system. Demolition of existing asphalt paving & road base, kerb & gutter, footpaths, stormwater pits and drainage pipes lines. Reconstruction of new road sub-base and base course, lay new asphalt wearing course. Construction of new stormwater pipework & pits from existing housing to connect with street drainage. Construction of new kerb &gutters and footpaths. Upgrade and extension of current potable water reticulation system and sewerage system.
Location: Airds - Fonthill & Greengate Precinct Campbelltown
Duration: Mar 2011 - Aug 2011
Cost: $803,157

Bay 24 A380 Apron Pavement Works
Remove and reinstatement of flexural concrete aircraft apron.
Cost: $2,000,000

Bay 55 A380 Apron Pavement Works
Remove and reinstatement of flexural concrete aircraft apron.
Cost: $200,000

Bay 73 Apron Pavement Works
Construction of new flexural concrete aircraft apron.
Cost: $10,000,000

Berala/Carramar Tennis & Rectin Club
Excavation, Kerb & Gutter Works, Stormwater Drainage, Construction of asphalt pavement.
Cost: $150,000

Campbell Hill Pioneer Reserve
Construct new access road, concrete weir, Sediment basin & Trash rack.
Cost: $150,000

Canterbury Council Earlwood Bardwell Park Bowling Club Carpark & Drainage
Construction of new carpark, stormwater drainage pits and detention system, concrete footpaths, kerb & gutter, landscaping and fencing works.
Cost: $330,000

Canterbury Council Oswald Street Campsie - Stormwater Rehabilitation Works
Construction of new length of 1200mm diameter stormwater pipe on new alignment across Oswald Street to improve stormwater flow between existing pits.
Cost: $124.000

Charles St & Parkes St | View Gallery
Construct a new 4 lane carriageway, Concrete Retaining walls, stormwater drainage, earthworks. Citywide Civil Engineering was engaged by Parramatta City Council for this important part of road infrastructure due to the complicated conditions that exist as a result of the location of the site.

The project involved clearing & demolitions, bulk excavation, concrete retaining walls & architectural noise walls, pedestrian fencing, screw pile & beam construction for new footway, kerb & gutter, stormwater drainage, slip lane construction, new road pavements, traffic loops, line marking & major traffic control & management.
Location: Parramatta
Duration: 6 Months
Cost: $1,500,000

Contractors Compound Services
Reticulation of Sewer, Water, Electrical and Comm.\'s to contractors compound.
Cost: $330,000

Contractors Compound Services
Reticulation of Sewer, Water, Electrical and Comms to contractors compound.
Location: Sydney Airport South East Sector
Duration: Oct 2004 - Dec 2004
Cost: $330,000

Domestic Multi Story Carpark
Construction of new vehicle entry/exit driveways, Relocation of Car wash area.
Cost: $300,000

Domestic Precinct Public and Economy Hire Car Pick-up Relocation
The existing Economy Hire Car Pick Up is to be relocated between Fourth and Fifth Streets with own dedicated access controlled entry/exit point. The primary purpose is to provide a minimum 19 undercover pickup spaces. The existing T2 Arrivals Pick-up Area is to be relocated between Fourth and Fifth Streets with access controlled entry/exit point and free entry for a limited time. The primary purpose is to increase the Public Pick up capacity and reduce traffic congestion within the Domestic Precinct by constructing a minimum of 53 car spaces including 16 undercover car parking spaces, two undercover public waiting areas and covered walkway. The existing T2 Arrivals Pick-up Area is to be changed to premium limousine area with an access controlled entry point.
Cost: $948,573

Endeavour Energy Rehabilition of Southern Carpark Huntingwood
The demolition and removal of existing asphalt paved carpark including subgrade poles and conduits. Complete reconstruction of carpark from preparation and re-compaction of new sub-grade course, sub-base, base course and asphalt wearing course, and including construction of new stormwater drainage system, kerb & gutter & lighting poles and electrical works.
Location: Endeavour Energy Office Complex Huntingwood
Duration: Sep 2011 - Apr 2012
Cost: $1,338,378

Gate 25–Sec Access Syd Intel Term
Flexible pavement, Chainwire fencing, Supply & Install new automatic swing gate.
Cost: $50,000

Gate 31 & 32 – Aerobridge Upgrade
Demolish existing pavement, construct new Aerobridge footings and raised Bondek concrete slab.
Cost: $150,000

Construct of Piled Footings, Slabs & Shed Installation.
Cost: $150,000

Construction of Helipad and perimeter road.
Cost: $370,000

Hydrant Modifications S.I.T Bay 22
Removal and replacement of concrete aircraft apron.
Cost: $100,000

Island 39 Regrading Works
Removal of CLER and Fire station Foundations.
Cost: $350,000

James Ruse Drive
Extension of right hand turning lane.
Cost: $150,000

JUHI Bay 10, 5, 9, 4, Shell Works
Excavation, Demolition Sheet piling and Slurry Backfilling of Fuel Lines.
Cost: $800,000

JUHI Bay 24 Shell Works
Excavation, Demolition, Sheet piling and Slurry Backfilling of Fuel Lines.
Cost: $200,000

JUHI Bay 55 Shell Works
Excavation, Demolition and Slurry Backfilling of Fuel Lines.
Cost: $200,000

JUHI Bay 57 Shell Works
Citywide Civil undertook a project for Sydney Airports Corporation at Sydney Airport International terminal between November and December 2006 where we were involved in excavation, demolition and slurry backfilling of fuel lines of Bay 57.
Cost: $150,000

JUHI Road Pavement Repairs
Demolition & Repair of Pavement.
Cost: $100,000

JUHI Shell Aviation Mascot Sydney Airport Tank 5 Early Works Contract
Early works Contract for Tank 5 Remedial Works comprising set up site compound, removal of existing concrete bund wall for access removal of pebble protection and part of HDPE bund liner, protection existing pipework and electrical services.
Location: Sydney Airport JUHI Shell Aviation Facility Link Road Mascot
Duration: Aug 2011 - Dec 2011
Cost: $123,917

JUHI Shell Aviation Tank 5 Foundation Reconstruction and Civil Works
The demolition and removal of existing concrete storage tank foundations and associated minor foundations. Preparation of base course and installation and rolling of new subgrade. Construction of new tank concrete ring beam foundation and laying and compaction of internal fill to ring beam.
Location: Sydney Airport JUHI Shell Aviation Facility
Duration: Aug 2011 - Dec 2011
Cost: $507,179

JUHI Tank 4 Foundation Reconstruction
The demolition and removal of existing concrete storage tank foundations and associated minor foundations. Preparation of base course and installation and rolling of new subgrade. Construction of new tank foundations.
Location: Sydney Airport JUHI Shell Avaiation Facility Link Road Mascot
Duration: Dec 2009 - Mar 2010
Cost: $195,000

Liverpool Golf Club Hollywood Drive
Stormwater Drainage, K & Gr, Earthworks, Subbase. Asphalt pavement.
Cost: $80,000

Mitchel Road Drainage
Stormwater Drainage including installation of Atlantis Cells and minor roadworks.
Cost: $84,000

Moss Vale Road, Bomaderry
Construction of additional turning lane.
Cost: $130,000

NLA Runway Cabling (Pit & Duct)
Trenching, Reticulation of Electrical Pits & Ducts for NLA taxiways.
Cost: $1,500,000

NLA Shoulder Pavements Trial
Demolition of Pavements, Protection of Ex. Services, Construction to Airside Road.
Cost: $440,000

Perimeter Lighting
Trenching, Reticulation of Electrical Cabling, Lighting, Pits & Ducts.
Cost: $500,000

Pier B Cutback Plinth
Extension of existing concrete plinth.
Cost: $189,200

Qantas A380 Hard Stand
Construction of Piles and hardstand for A380 Northern pond.
Cost: $225,000

Qantas Tug Refuelling Facility Demolition
Demo of fuel and tanks and removal of contaminated material.
Cost: $400,000

Quantas Tug Refuelling Facility Reinstatement
Pavement Reinstatement of redundant TUG Refueling Facility
Location: Sydney Airport International Terminal
Duration: Mar 2008 - May 2008
Cost: $900,000

Racetrack Conveyors at Terminal T2
Concrete plinth demolition and replacement. Asphalt reinstatement.
Cost: $120,000

Realignment of Ross Smith Avenue | View Gallery
Works comprise of a re-aligned section of Ross Smith Avenue and associated road works on Arthur Butler Road due to this section of road being a major "black spot" for the likelihood of accidents.

The various elements of the works included demolition, pavement works, line marking, reticulation of stormwater, electrical and communications services, road signage, street lighting, grass restoration, turfing and the construction of a flood protection earth bund wall.
Location: Ross Smith Avenue
Duration: 3 Months
Cost: $600,000

Residential Development & New Road Construction
Bulk & detailed excavation works for underground carpark and building foundations for four multistorey residential blocks. Excavation for stormwater drainage and on-site detention tank Construction of new internal access road including kerb & gutter and asphalt works.
Location: 162 - 182 Woodland Street Balgowlah
Duration: Aug 2010 - May 2012
Cost: $614,309

Rocky Point Road | View Gallery
This project was undertaken due to local flooding problems in the main shopping district of Ramsgate. Due to numerous complaints from shop operators & local residents Kogarah Council undertook the work to alleviate the problem.

The Contract was awarded to Citywide Civil Engineering due to the location of the works being on one of Southern Sydney's main arterial roads. As a result the work had to be carried out in limited working hours in which the worksite had to be opened to traffic at the completion of each shift using steel plates.
Location: Rocky Point Road Ramsgate
Duration: 2 Months
Cost: $150,000

RTA Rehabilitation of Box Culverts on Henry Lawson Drive East Hills
The removal of existing corroded precast reinforced concrete box culverts and the installation of six new precast crown units which involves the installation of upstream and downstream coffer dams to allow the works to be undertake in the dry.
Cost: $120,000

Runway & Taziway AGL Early Work Trench Repairs
This project was part of Sydney Airport\'s taxiway lighting respacing project. CCE\'s work included surface repairs to a narrow trench which contains conduits for future airfield ground lighting. A trench had to be profiled 470mm wide to a depth of 50mm This trench is then re-sheeted with BC14 asphalt mix. This work also includes and airfield lighting component. This work comprises of the removal and reinstatement of shallow base cans, repairs to secondary sables and a small number of deep base canisters.
Location: Sydney Airport - International Terminal
Duration: Jul 2009 - Sep 2009
Cost: $672,438

Runway 25 - RESA
Construction of the pavements of the Airport runway surface and RESA surface.
Cost: $1,528,872

Runway 25 - RESA Deck Slabs, Fender Walls & Cross Beams
Part of the RESA is to be supported on a series of land bridge structures that are required to span over the existing Southern and Western Suburbs Ocean Outfall Sewer (SWSOOS), the M5 East Tunnel, and the airport perimiter road which is to be realigned as part of these works. The land bridge structures are constructed of precast planks supported on the headstocks, and CFA and bored piles.
Cost: $1,333,000

Runway Ends Compliance Works (RESA)
Excavation, construction of pavement, turfing and asphalt.
Cost: $2,000,000

Sutherland Shire Council
Road construction and associated works.
Cost: $2,000,000

Sutherland Shire Council Off Road Shared Cycleway Oakwood & Waratah Streets
Construction of shared pedestrian and cycleways along Oakwood, Waratah & Leonay Streets comprising new footpaths, road crossings, drainage works and new tree planting.
Cost: $286,700

Sutherland Shire Council Roundabout
Construction of a new roundabout with associated splitter islands new kerb & gutter with associated grated gully inlets, new pram ramps and footpathsand asphalt re-sheet of the intersection of Sylvania Road and Garnet Road
Location: Intersection of Sylvania & Garnet Roads Miranda
Duration: Feb 2012
Cost: $149,203

SW Sector Early Works
Demolition of Struct, Pavement Works to Airside Road & Fire Access, Fencing & Hydromulching.
Cost: $1,000,000

Sydney International - ALPHA 5
New Generation Aircraft Fillets.
Cost: $956,794

T1 High Mast Flood lighting
Erection of Floodlight, Construct of Footings, Electrical Pit & Duct Works.
Cost: $600,000

T1 Pier C
Demolition of existing plinths and carousels and construct new laterals.
Cost: $750,000

T1 Pier C (Stage 5)
Demolition of existing plinths and carousels and construct new laterals.
Cost: $250,000

T1 T2 Floodlighting | View Gallery
This project was undertaken due to the existing floodlights and associated electrical works at Sydney Airport were designed & installed at various times over the last 20 years for the type of aircraft operating at the time.

The general illumination on some Terminal parking bays was below that required by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority\'s Manual of Standards (MOS) for the type of large bodied aircraft now using the bays.
Location: Sydney Airport
Cost: $2,500,000

T2 Domestic Terminal Trans Mod
Demolition of Pavements, Kerb and Gutter, Stainless Steel Corral Construction.
Cost: $160,000

T2 Retail Redevelopment
Construct Concrete Footings and reconstruction rigid & flexible pavements.
Cost: $200,000

T2 Term Gates 32-34 Retail Development
Construct of rigid & flexible aircraft pavements, Stormwater struct, light pole & aerobridge footings.
Cost: $550,000

T2 Terminal Pier A&B -Syd Dom Term
Erection of Floodlight, Construct of Footings, Electrical Pit & Duct Works.
Cost: $1,800,000

T2 Toilet Block External Works | View Gallery
Excavation, Footings, Steelwork, Suspended Slab, Cladding Construction.
Location: T2 Pier A
Duration: 3 months
Cost: $300,000

Taxiway Bravo & Charlie
Rehabilitation of both Taxiways Bravo and Charlie and Drainage Works.
Cost: $3,774,741

Test Rolling of Runway Flanks
Test rolling of runway flanks.
Cost: $250,000

Tilt Tray Baggage Sorter Platforms
Steel Fabrication & Installation of Steel Platforms to Baggage Sorter T1.
Cost: $500,000

Upgrade of 11kV Cable
Excavation and installation of a high voltage cable.
Cost: $120,000

Warcoo Ave, Gymea
Widening and sealing of existing local road.
Cost: $150,000

Windsor Flood Evacuation
Earthworks, Drainage Works, Roadworks and level Crossing construction.
Cost: $1,200,000

Grindleys Qantas Gate 12 Reconfiguration & Refurbishment
Demolition and removal of existing conrcrete apron. Excavation for and construction of concrete foundations for new light towers, new building extension and new aerobridges. Reinstatement of concrete apron and slabs and associated paving works.
Location: Sydney Airport Domestic Terminal 3 Qantas Gate 12
Duration: May 2012 - July 2012
Cost: $362,631

JUHI Shell Aviation Domestic Terminal 2 Pier A Upgrade to Jet Fuel Hydrant Pipe Line Civil Works
Detailed excavation for the installation of new fuel lines and hydrants for the new apron extension at Pier A, including piled sections for the installation and connection to existing pipe system. Supply & lay leanmix concrete trench infill.
Location: Sydney Airport Terminal 2 Pier A Domestic Terminal Mascot
Duration: Sep 2011 - June 2012
Cost: $919,499

Kogarah City Council Beverly Park Golf Course Channel Diversion Stage 1
Reconstruction of existing storm water drainage channel with new offtake structure to allow discharge of stormwater through new culvert to stilling basin for irrigation of Golf Course. Construction works included excavation and installation of under road culvert crossing, stilling basin and final discharge structure for return of excess water to stormwater channel, associated road works and landscaping works.
Location: Ferry Road Kogarah Sydney
Duration: May 2012 - June 2012
Cost: $548,628

Parkview Constructions Powerhouse Apartments Botany Road Rosebery
Detailed excavation for pad & strip footings, piled foundations and lift pits for the construction of 5No apartment blocks.
Location: 797 - 801 Botany Road Rosebery Sydney
Duration: Sep 2011 - May 2012
Cost: $70,860

Parramatta Council Epping Town Centre Stage 1
Demolition and removal of existing pedestrian asphalt paving, pavers and kerb and gutters. Construction of new sections of kerb and gutter, raising of existing covers to new footpath level, laying new pavers as borders to asphalt infill for new footpaths, Refurbishment of existing landscaped areas with new plantings. Supply and installation of new street furniture.
Location: Epping Town Centre
Duration: Feb 2012 - May 2012
Cost: $250,877

Shell Aviation Reinstatement Tank 5 Bund wall and Associated Works
Reinstatement of Tank 5 Bund Wall and pebble protection to internal bund liner, construction of new stairs foundation pads, new vehicle parking areas, trench reinstatement and fence alignment.
Location: Sydney Airport JUHI Shell Aviation Facility
Duration: May 2012 - June 2012
Cost: $170,928